Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm back

from my trip to the UK at last.

Before I forget - Happy Halloween! This is a photo of the pumpkin I carved at Mum and Dads before we left. The neighbour next door kindly gave it to me to do for D. Cute eh?

We stayed on a week extra in England because my father became ill while we were there. Not good at all, but he's doing a bit better now. So our holiday plans were changed and we didn't do some of the things we wanted to do, travel around more and meet up with friends etc. Here are just a few photos of some of the things we did do.
We went up to London on the train and underground. D loved the train rides!

We visited a couple of the museums in London which D really enjoyed (me too!). This is at the Science museum, where they have a lot of space exhibits:

and the massive blue whale at the Natural History Museum (my lovely niece L came along with us here), I always remembered this from going there as a child:
Blue whale

Outside the Natural History Museum, fabulous building

Decorative roof of the Nat Hist Museum

 Also enjoyed a day Legoland in Windsor with my lovely niece L again:

Mini London

Lego Buzz

Captain D at the helm

And at nearby Cliveden, a National Trust property:

Huge fountain at Cliveden House

D in the hedge maze at Cliveden, is this the way?

My parents sponsored one of the yew trees for this maze, which is a recreation of an original design from 1894 for the original owner of Cliveden Lord Astor.

D had a great time (as did everyone) going down the big slide they had at the south side of the house. This is in place while they work on fixing up the steps and stonework.

 We stayed with my sister in Bristol, and explored some of the Harbourside area. Went to 'M shed' which is a local museum and was great.

 This ship was outside and we went for a look around it:

A replica of Matthew, the original sailed to America in 1497

My sister and I went out the theatre to the Old Vic to see Dickens - Great Expectations. It was great. Lovely old theatre.

And of course we met up with lots of family and had a nice party on my sister's birthday. The weather was good then, so we could sit outside in the sun.

Now I'm back home with a bump, and have hit the ground running. Lots going on here with pigs going to the butcher and gardening, as well as all the other normal 'stuff'. Not had much time for reading any blogs or posting, hope to free up some time soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Away for a bit

Mauve Michaelmas daisy in Mum's garden

Windfall apples
Hi everyone, I am away in England for a few weeks with family. Will post some photos when I get time. We have had a couple of sunny days, but mostly the sun has not made an appearance at all! On the plus side it's lovely to see all the trees as Autumn progresses, and D has enjoyed collecting conkers a.k.a. horse chestnuts.Mum and I have been collecting lots of windfall apples from the garden, loads of cooking apples and some very tasty heirloom dessert apples called 'Ribston Pippin'.