Thursday, May 29, 2014

Frosty morning

Hi all, I took these photos yesterday morning. We had a very heavy frost, unusual for this part of the country.
Frost on some long grass

I love calendulas, they come up everywhere and look so pretty when in flower.

Veg garden
The veg garden is doing OK. I'm harvesting spring onions and lots of herbs as usual. I'm not obsessive about weeding as you can see! Usually there are lots of self sown flowers/herbs growing throughout, I just make a space for the veg in between. Nice to see the bees on the pineapple sage, rosemary and nasturtium flowers.

 This is my pea patch, again it's a tad weedy but they're coming along well and starting to form pods.

Broccoli patch

This year I planted the brassicas where I'd previously had a big compost pile and they're doing well as a result. We like fresh broccoli and have lots ready now. The cauliflowers have not formed heads yet, we've eaten most of the cabbages and I have some more tiny cabbage plants in another bed in the lower part of the garden.

Frost on the mulch around my 'Grosso' lavenders

Pigs enjoying their breakfast of pumpkins
The pigs are doing well. Here they're enjoying their breakfast of pumpkins. We also have lots of kumara (sweet potato) to feed them, plus whey. I also give them lots of herbs including comfrey leaves, and they get quite a few kitchen scraps too. So they are happy well feed piggies!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A few plant/flower photos

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've kind of gotten out of the swing of blogging since the school holidays. Also our camera met with an unfortunate accident recently and has yet to be replaced! Luckily I'm able to use my tablet to take photos, but it's a bit less handy to put in my pocket when I'm out and about! Excuses, excuses..

Anyhow, here are just a few shots of some of the plants around the farm.

Succulents in a planter

The succulents are doing really well. Probably just as well they are super easy to care for and just keep on multiplying!
Little succulent and yarrow in a vase
Just been reading all about the properties of yarrow, sounds an interesting herb. And we are fortunate to have it growing like a weed! Must dry some for later use.

'Black Rose' succulent

This gorgeous succulent Aeonium Zwartkop (aka 'Black Rose') was a gift from my lovely aunty-in-law (thanks L!). I just love the colour and form of it.

Curry leaf plant with berries
My curry leaf plant has berries on it for the first time. I don't use the leaves an awful lot it has to be said, but they are always there if I need them for a good authentic Indian meal!

Bromeliad ? 'Queens tears'
My much neglected bromeliads are starting to flower. This one I am not sure what it is, perhaps 'Queens tears' - anyone know? One day I will get on to splitting them up and planting down the driveway..

'Matchstick' bromeliad - Aechmea Gamosepala
Also just coming into flower is the Matchstick bromeliad. Fascinating flowers. Not the greatest photo to show it off but you get the idea.