Thursday, December 5, 2013

First of the peaches

Early Red peaches

We are now enjoying lots of lovely fresh juicy peaches from our 'Early Red' trees. So far (am I tempting fate by saying this...?!) the possums have not found the trees, but we have had some windy weather which has blown a few fruit off.

So I am busy in the kitchen with making peach pies, smoothies, eating them fresh as is, and sliced on my morning porridge. I've made peach and raspberry popsicles, and will probably freeze some sliced peaches too. If I get enough time I will bottle some too.

Early Red peach tree
This is the size of one of the peach trees. We have already harvested about 5kgs off this tree and still more to come.

Looking forward to the 'Black Boy' peaches later on :-)