Friday, November 14, 2014

The flu, hail storms and bread!

Well it's been a funny week. Firstly I came down with the nastiest bug, really knocked me off my feet. I've only just started feeling human again in the last day or so, but NO ENERGY whatsoever and not the greatest appetite either (unusually for me....). Anyhow, my hubby no doubt is pleased to have me back to almost normal - I don't make the best patient - let's just say 'miserable' is what I do best when ill!

Yesterday we had hail storms, sudden freezing showers straight out of the Antartic. Here's a photo of me holding a load of hail which had just fallen:

and this is what they looked like up against the ranchslider:

and (less impressively) outside on the deck:

The shower was preceded by this spectacular double rainbow:

So as you would imagine with this weather the temperatures at the moment are not very high, with the cold winds blowing. I felt the need to bake some bread for lunch:

This bread was made with using mainly white flour, with some spelt and rye added. I generally use my breadmaker machine to knead the dough. I then prove the dough in tins before baking in the oven. These 2 loaves came out nicely with good texture and taste. Went down very nicely with my homemade curried kumara soup for lunch.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 'Fright Night'

Here's me and D dressed up for 'Fright Night' - a function run by a local sports club. There was a good turn out, lots of fun for the kids - some great costumes and make up on display. The club did a really excellent job of the 'Haunted House' walkthrough, with zombies etc jumping out of nowhere to spook us! There were games and a lolly scramble outside on the sports field. Music and dancing. Ended with supper - BYO plate of halloween themed food - there were some cute ideas - I especially liked the mummy pizzas with olives for eyes and strips of cheese for the bandages!

Hope you had a great Halloween!