Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holidays, roosters and roast lamb

I'm back after a couple of weeks touring NZ with my sister and her son, who were over from the UK. We had a great time. It's lovely to be home though and hurrah we have rain today at last! It has been so dry and we were just about out of water (being on tank supply - filled off the roof).
In my absence hubby has butchered a young rooster and put it in the freezer all prepared to go in the oven, so we can have a nice roast chicken one night when we feel like it.
Also we sold one the other big Indian Game rooster (in picture) to a local lady. Our hens will no doubt feel a lot better not having the attention of so many male chooks!
Tonight though I'm cooking up roast lamb with some rosemary and olive oil. We were given a couple of joints of lamb by the local farmer a while back. Since I'm using a very small benchtop oven I don't have room to do roast veges too, so it will be a mash of potatoes and pumpkin (out of our garden) and maybe some good old peas as we are a bit lacking in the green vege dept.

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