Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad weather halts progress in the veg garden

Well we've woken to another stormy morning, heavy rain and gusty wind, so it looks as though the garden will have to wait a bit longer for any more attention, shame.
Since I am nearing the end of my pregnancy now, I really don't have the energy to do much around the place these days, so G is the one left trying to get the job done and as he works full time his time is limited. Never mind, he's managed to get quite a lot of the strawberry plants in the ground which is the main thing.
On the food front, we're steadily munching our way through our meat supplies, the occasional roast lamb or pork, and a goat curry here and there. Also roast chicken, I've done this on the rotisserie in our little oven and it came out well. The duck not quite so well, possibly not quite worth all the effort of procuring, especially since they take rather a long time to pluck (more so than the chickens). We have a couple left in the freezer, might give them away to our French neighbours for turning into pate.
Earlier in the week G came home with a large bag of oranges from a local tree, so I've been making juice, using our whole fruit juicer, just have to peel the citrus first and then pop them through the chute, out comes lovely frothy orange juice.
Some things I've made in the kitchen this week: vanilla ice cream (just got a new supply of lovely fat sticky vanilla beans), blackberry yoghurt ice blocks for D, and banana and choc chip muffins.


Amy said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week. Thank goodness for home grown citrus and fruit. The lemons from my tree are ready and I was given a big bag of them so I made lemon honey - yum! That storm last night was scary wasn't it?

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Amy
Can't wait until our lemon trees start producing, they are too small at the moment. Lemon honey is delicious isn't it. I haven't made any for a while.
The strong wind is still hanging around isn't it, no damage thankfully. Oh well, makes us appreciate those sunny still days all the more :-)

Darroch Cottage said...

goodness, I think we have the same life! I'm a wee bit further north and it's my husband who does most of the pickling etc, but apart from that...
We should compare notes.
Laura xx

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hello Laura, thanks for your comment and nice to 'meet' you. Your farmhouse and bach look lovely, I liked your shed/sewing room too :-) Look forward to reading more on your blog. Good to make some headway in the garden at this time of year isn't it.