Thursday, December 24, 2009

The cold UK weather continues

We had a family party on the weekend at a local hall. It had snowed a fair bit a couple of nights beforehand.
So while the adults stayed inside in the warmth chatting, eating and drinking, the children ventured outside to play in the snow.
We've been up in Banbury (north of Oxford) for a couple of nights, and it has been pretty chilly, a lot of frost and ice and no sign of the sun today.
It's expected to be a white Christmas yippee!


Amy said...

ooh it does look cold there, are you missing the nz summer?

Dr Mum said...

Hi I hope you find time to have a proper Cornish Pasty while your there.
I sent you a card from Bali but just realised I had the wrong (your old) address.
It is 41 degrees in Katoomba Blue Mountains OZ today..Christmas day 2009.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Amy, it's extremely cold. On the news tonight they said it was possibly the coldest winter in 30 years! We are at my parents in Buckinghamshire for the last few days before we come home and it's snowing again tonight. Think we will be making a snowman tomorrow! So yes, we are missing the lovely NZ weather, will be great to come back to the warm! Happy New Year to you.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Dr Mum
Lovely to hear from you. Happy New Year!
No pasties but have had some good cider!
Looking forward to returning south to the sun and heat. Dark and cold here, although the snow is pretty.
Talk to you again soon x