Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where the heck have I been again?

I think the hot sun and constant wind has made me a bit lazy these days. Sorry for the lack of posts but I haven't really been up to much in the garden of late, apart from a bit of pottering about. There are areas that need a whole lot of attention, particularly the soil, so in the next few weeks I'll be systematically digging up spent crops, dead flowers (mainly calendula) and adding peat, chicken manure, vermicast etc.

We are still getting globe artichokes, zucchini (what a surprise!), a few leafy greens, some herbs (although sadly my coriander has all gone to seed in this hot weather) and I recently dug up some onions and shallots. We're still enjoying our lovely potatoes. The Kowiniwini are superb, so will definitely grow these ones next year.

I guess we've mostly been watering heaps, since everything is very dry and we've had little rain. The wind of course dries things greatly also. I've sown some more beans (dwarf French and a couple of Italian flat climbers). The last lot shrivelled up and died when we were in England. I've got some Roma tomatoes coming along with some fruit on them, not ripe however as yet.

One of the recent beautiful sunsets:

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