Friday, August 20, 2010

All things citrusy..

..but mainly marmalade, marmalade, and more marmalade!

Over the last few weeks I've been preserving a large amount of citrus fruit. Further to our last citrus bonanza, we were given a big quantity of Meyer lemons (thanks L!). I made a double batch of my favourite lemon honey recipe but still had plenty left to use up before their 'best by' date. Some time ago I made a lemon pickle that we enjoyed, but I can't remember which recipe I used or where I found it..doh. I hate that!

Anyway, I have made several large batches of marmalade, which apart from a boiling-over incident on the stove....has been a very successful enterprise. I've now got several dozen jars of perfectly set (for once!) marmalade gracing my shelves. I first made a 4 fruit mix -  oranges, lemons, limes and lemonades - which was tart and zingy.

The rest is orange and lemon, with a stronger orange flavour. The lemons were mainly added for their setting power (although they were Meyer so not as sharp as Lisbon or other pure lemons).

And since purchasing my new candy thermometer, I've been getting a good set with all my preserves.

I also still have a few limes left in the fridge. Earlier in the week I made a Thai Jungle fish curry (no photos though sorry as the camera got misplaced for a few days!). But you can find the recipe here. It was definitely one of the better Thai curries I've made. I also added some grated galangal since I have lots!

Will keep you posted on the hunt for the lemon pickle recipe!


Paola said...

Hi, I find that one of the good things about keeping a blog is that when I post a recipe I always know where to find it!

Ruth said...

My lemon tree is loaded but they aren't very juicy yet. They are getting bigger and yellower by the day so it won't be long now! Then I'll be stocking up on lemon honey for sure.

Mrs. Mac said...

having grown up with citrus trees nearby .. I find living in an area where they don't grow so hard. Would love to try this recipe.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Paola
Yes I find I'm freqeuently looking up my recipes on the blog, it's a handy resource!

Hi Ruth
The lemon honey will be all the tastier for the waiting I'm sure!

Hi Mrs Mac
What a pity you can't grow them where you are. On the flip side, I really envy your berry crop!

Milkweed said...

Now that is something I envy. Being able to grow citrus fruits. Sigh.

Matron said...

Do you use the bitter Seville oranges that we do here in the UK?

Killiecrankie Farm said...

yes i've killed more citrus then any other fruit - so i envy fresh marmalade - mine also always goes cloudy :(
You'r looks just sharp and glorious - envy its a sad state :)

mangocheeks said...

Your jars of marmalade look wonderful and I just adore the colour. I have to admit I am not a big marmalade dipper, but my husband is and I know he would just hanker over these home-made golden delights.

Dr Mum said...

Your pantry must be wondrous with all the yum stuff you've been making. Does Dylan love the pigs? They look so cute.

Darren said...

I grow all kinds of Citrus and my absolute favorite Marmalade is Kumquat. I don't like bitter marmalades like the ones found in a store, they use the bitter/sour citrus. I LOVE the idea of learning to be peasants again, I too am slowly trying to keep and preserve as much food as I can grow. Keep up the good work in the garden and the blog!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments, sorry I've not replied.. bloomin' computer again!

Hi Milkweed, we're a way off harvesting our own lemons yet, these were a nice gift.

Hi Matron, I don't see Seville oranges for sale, to be honest I'm not sure what variety I got in my citrus haul, but they were NOT sweet!

Hi Killcrankie Farm, not sure about the cloudy marmalade.. have you tried letting it sit for a bit before putting into jars? (about 1/2 hr)

Hi Mangocheeks, thanks! My hubby does not eat it can you believe so I get them all for myself! ha ha

Hi Dr Mum, nice to hear from you. D does like the pigs but I think he is mindfull (quite rightly so) that they will be PORK and BACON!

Hi Darren, welcome to my blog, thanks for your comment. I look forward to reading all about your many citrus trees! Incidentally I have just purchased a kumquat tree, so look forward to marmalade in a few years! The rangpur lime marmalade I made a while back was pretty good also. Best wishes, Bridget