Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garden harvest and tree planting

Today I harvested a small bunch of small carrots (variety 'Touchon'). I steamed these and served them with butter and honey, they were absolutely delicious! Looking forward to more carrots, this variety seems to be doing quite well, I haven't had any luck with my purple ones so will sow some more.

Another small but tasty treat out of the garden right now is leeks! These were sauteed in a little butter until tender and were sweet and scrumptious.

Over the last few days we've been busy planting trees along a watercourse on our property. They are mainly cabbage trees, coprosma, and pohutukawa. We still need to put in some flaxes along here.
Even after planting several trees along the stream we still have quite a lot of plants left over. We got these going several years ago from small seedlings when we were living in Auckland, and they have all been waiting in the wings for the last couple of years for us to put them in the ground! Most have survived well, as we had them in a damp sheltered area near our pond, some are a bit root-bound but once they go into the ground they'll be fine. We have another area in mind that we want to plant out so it's great to have all the trees ready to hand and I'm glad we did all the hard work of growing them from wee plants all that time ago!

This watercourse should look great once the trees grow up. We need to dig out the stream a bit more (purely for aesthetic purposes!).

Lastly, the amaryllis is in flower and looks great:


Maa said...

Looks like lots of hard work has been going on at your place.
For some reason I can't ever grow a decent carrot. Maybe there's a secret to it!
Love the beautiful red flower.


Mrs. Mac said...

Living in the northern hemisphere, I have not heard of any of those trees you have planted. The location you have so patiently waited to plant them is all the more enhanced by the new trees. We're still harvesting carrots too ... the rain we got last week really plumped and sweetened them up. Enjoy your bounty!

Laura @ Darroch Cottage said...

the trees are going to look amazing soon.
And well done with the carrots! I have a total blind spot when it comes to them and have never really managed to get a decent crop!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi all
I'm quite surprised at the carrots myself! Just shows what good, well tilled soil can do I guess. I really would like to have success with the purple ones though.
Mrs Mac the trees are all NZ native varieties. Pohutukawa is lovely but in California causing great problems..