Friday, July 29, 2011

Mystery plant and a treat for the pigs

Does anyone know what this plant is please? It was given to me (as well as some seeds) but the plant name was unknown.
Apparently it attracts insects that would otherwise be munching on veg plants! It has purple/mauve flowers and they then turn into papery 'lanterns' which contain the seeds.

The pigs are enjoying some lovely creamy milk that G was given by a friendly farmer. Rather a lot of milk actually...this tank holds 1000 litres!
Our 2 pigs are drinking about 20L a day, on top of food scraps and crab apples. They also get the odd handful of pig 'tucker' (pellets).

In the garden I've done a bit of much needed weeding, plus shifted several (approx 40) strawberry plants into a nicely prepared bed - loads more to do. Also have purchased some lavender plants for a hedge. Although these are tiny plants now, I hope they do well in the spot I've got planned for them. They will be on a north-facing slop, bordering a pathway.
We also have the first of our new seasons fruit trees to plant. There are 5 peaches, another apple and 3 more mandarin/satsumas. These will be going in the ground ASAP.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, I still have lots of citrus to deal to - lemons, limes (from our trees), oranges and tangelos. I'm planning on making some marmalade and lemon honey, but also want to make some lemon pickle. I've made lemonade, and also have a batch of citrus cleaner brewing.

Busy, busy, busy, but all good down on the farm!


Mrs. Mac said...

I so miss local citrus fruit .. especially my mother in law's Meyer lemons. We live in too cold of a winter climate to grow them .. although I think some people keep mini lemon trees indoors during the winter. Your pigs must be very happy with all the milk :)

Tanya said...

I must remember to check back on the comments because I would love to know what that plant is?

Ruth said...

You're going to have a great orchard with all those fruit trees! I haven't bought any new trees this season, but I did shift an apple tree and plant some raspberry canes. Must get some more strawberries too. I've heard of shoo fly plant... will be curious to know if it works for you!