Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little post Xmas update

Hoping everyone had a pleasant Xmas day. Ours was good despite the warm, humid, windy & wet weather from the remnants of the tropical Cyclone that hit Fiji a couple of weeks ago.

Just thought I would post a few photos from around the farm. Here is our cattle - 2 cows and 1 steer:

They've been enjoying some flax (Phormium tenax/native harakeke) which I try to feed them on a daily basis, it's supposed to be good for them as I recall reading somewhere. They come running to me now in anticipation of a few leaves! Also they've got a Himalayan salt lick in their paddock (not in these photos) which has lots of minerals.

My Grosso lavandin/lavender hedge is doing quite well. According to the information I've read about it, Grosso is a relatively slow growing lavandin but considering it was only planted at the start of the year , it hasn't done too badly. The plants at the top and bottom of the hedge are doing the best, while the ones in the middle are a bit smaller - maybe it's drier there or soil not so good. Anyway, I shall cut the lavender on the next dry/sunny day and give the plants a feed. The mulch I put down a few months ago which looked great at the time has long since been scattered by birds and rabbits..! Never mind, it has kept them a little less dry, and the weeds down.


angela said...

Our weather here has been warm and humid one day and cool the next, but then again I do live in Melbourne. Your cows look very healthy I might have to get the Himalayan salt like for them too.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Angela, the cows seem to enjoy the salt lick, hope you can locate a supplier easily, I buy mine from Bin Inn of all places! Not sure if you have that store in Oz..!