Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flower photos - garden and orchard

Just sharing a few photos taken around CTF. We are in mid Spring and things are blooming nicely.

Potager garden
 I need to remove the large overgrown lemongrass plant (in middle of photo), split it up and replant elsewhere!

Flowers on the bank
 The bank is looking a lot better, covered in flowers at this time of year. Plenty for the bees to feed on.

A bicoloured Californian poppy (self germinated)

The original Californian poppy
Californian poppies - self seeded
Unknown variety of rose
Apple blossom

Quince blossom

Quince tree in flower
Now for a question: does anyone know what this palm is? It was given to us but we don't know the variety.


Charlotte Scott said...


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks Charlotte. Have been a bit neglectful of blogging lately. Hope all's well on the boat :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours through your garden. How beautiful things look in spring.
That palm looks like a baby cotton palm tree but I could be completely wrong.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi livecheaperdaybyday, Thanks. I'm not sure about the palm - it doesn't seem to have the 'cotton' strands.. Unless these come later when it's bigger. Is only about 30cm high at present.

HelenB said...

if you run a Google image search, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that your poppies are from California, not Iceland.11

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi HelenB

Ooops! Yes you're absolutely right. Don't know why I got Icelandic poppies in my head there......!

Thanks ;-)

BLD in MT said...

Wow. What stunning blooms!