Thursday, October 15, 2015

Asparagus time

I'm harvesting our first asparagus spears from the garden right now. It's been a while since these were planted and I've patiently waited 2 seasons so that the plants can get established. This has meant letting the spears grow fully (they develop feathery foliage) and then die off before I've trimmed the dead plant matter away. The spears grow rapidly - I harvest a few most days. I should be able to continue harvesting for about 4-6 weeks so far as I'm aware.

Some of the plants did not survive so this year I planted out another 10 'crowns' - and we will have to wait for about 3 years until these ones are producing.

Here we have dinner of rump steak, mashed potatoes and fresh homegrown asparagus baked in the oven with garlic and parmesan.


BLD in MT said...

We inherited a patch at our community garden to look forward to next spring. We were gifted some wild asparagus from a friend this year. It really is best when just cut and eaten right off. Of course, most things are! Yum! Enjoy now and in the years to come!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Excellent Beth!