Monday, May 12, 2008

Mushrooms and crab apples

Well once again we were given a whole lot more field mushrooms, just delicious. I made mushroom and bacon pasta again, also made cream of mushroom soup which was very nice. Just fry chopped onion and then mushrooms, add some milk, add some torn up white bread, let the bread soak up the milk, then whizz, add some cream and some herbs - I used thyme, the recipe called for parsley but as hubby isn't a great fan of it I left it out, add salt and pepper to taste and serve with fresh bread or bread rolls.

I've also made a whole lot more crab apple jelly recently. This time round it was much more successful, setting just right and no froth as I was vigilant about scooping it out during the cooking process plus I poured the jelly into the jars through a small sieve. I must have about 35 small jars now. Also enough juice to make another 25 or so......... yikes, oh well will keep us going for some time, plus always good to have in the pantry to give away as gifts.

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