Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update in the vege garden

Finally the galangal is out of the pot and into the ground. Hopefully it will flourish! It's looking a little yellow at the moment but should come right with a bit of watering and mulching. I have not as yet used any of the root as it needs to grow a bit larger before one can start harvesting it, a bit like growing rhubarb.

The onions (here "Californian Red") are really doing well, some big bulbs on some of them. I have more seed going for "Yellow Sweet Spanish" and shallots. I'm collecting the seed heads from the red bunching onions to sow later in the year.

A picture of the artichoke plant, there are half a dozen small buds remaining and I think I'll pick these off soon. I read that it helps the plant to do this when it is only young (this one is less than a year old) so it can put more energy into growing taller and stronger.

G kindly prepared the mounded kumara bed for me since my back is still a bit dodgy and yesterday I put in all 30 plants (about 30cm apart). Gave them a watering in. Now I have to keep the area weed free and water the kumara a couple more times to get them established.

Just a couple of shots of the bean poles and herb area. Looks a little bit scrappy as I've left some of the clover for the bees and have some cardboard down by the fence to keep that area weed free for planting. The net is over the blueberry plants as the birds were getting the small amount of berries they have!

...and just to keep me busy, I received some more seeds in the post this morning:

Bean "Italian Flat"
Beetroot "Chioggia Red/White" a stripy beetroot great raw
Leek "Lungo Della Riviera" - baby leeks
Some Mesclun mixes - lettuce mix, Oriental and Italian
Coriander "Indian Summer" - a slow bolting heat tolerant variety
Italian Parsley
and Epazote a herb (new to me) used in Mexican chilli sauce and supposedly great mixed with coriander

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