Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What have we been doing lately?

My posts have been very thin on the ground lately, sorry folks. We've had a few visitors staying and so a bit of down time with them. Also just flaking out in the hot weather, which doesn't make me inclined to do much outside other than sit in the shade with a cold drink!
The vege garden is surviving the dry, we give it a bit of a watering with the hose every now and then. I'm getting a good amount of green beans, although some of them are a bit on the curly side, I guess from lack of water. I've sown some of the Italian flat beans to put in for a later crop as well.
We've eaten a handful of tomatoes. The Black Krim are delicious. Also a couple of Roma. Lots of fruit developing and I'm giving the plants an occasional drink of vermiliquid (worm "wee").
Zucchini still chugging up the fridge, I'm putting them in chocolate cake and nearly every meal, also giving them away. Same old story each year with zucchini as they are prolific fruiters, but I wouldn't want to go without them.
I've dug up a few red and white onions, they are starting to die down now so won't be long until can harvest them all.
Haven't got on to plaiting my garlic as yet, it is drying nicely though.
We're still getting a few strawberries, a handful a day, now tending to munch these on sight or soon after rather than doing anything in the kitchen with them. If we manage to get more plants going from the runners for next year I think we'll have a much better crop. Around 70 plants sounded a lot when we started but it wasn't enough for us.
We've eaten the last of the frozen blackberries from last summer. Had them as a compote on banana ice cream one night.. yum.

Will now have to wait a few weeks before the new season's blackberries are ready. We checked out one spot last week but it was too early.
We've eaten a few more of our own nectarines, which were delicious. The peaches are a bit slower to develop, although one or two trees have a small number of tiny fruit on them. I don't think we'll be eating any this year but it is very early days as we only planted them last year (but they were a good size tree). Looking forward to when we'll be getting a lot more of our own fruit that's for sure.


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