Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update in the vege garden Feb

Hi Folks, well I've had another spot of down time, relaxing with visitors and generally trying to keep cool in this heat and high humidity.
We're getting some corn out of the garden now and it is really good. The Honey and Pearl comes out tops, with the Florida Supersweet a close 2nd.
Also the tomatoes are starting to ripen now, we've had a few Roma and some of my favourite for sandwiches etc Black Krim, just such a nice flavour. Unfortunately the cabbage butterflies have done some damage already, with their catapillars eating holes in lots of the fruit. G has put some Derris dust on but we've got a fair bit of affected fruit. Never mind, I'll just cut out any bad bits and freeze the tomatoes for later use.
No shortage of zucchini, although some have got away and turned into marrows. We are starting to tire of them a little now!!
I've been brutal with the climbing beans and ripped them all up, they'd really slowed down producing anyway, plus I've got the new ones (Italian Flat) ready to go in.
Also harvested a few more onions (white), and put in some more - shallots and Spanish yellow.
G harvested some more potatoes, the crop was disappointing, not sure what happened there, the plants are all dying off. We did mound up with some peat and then sawdust a little while back so possibly that affected things in a negative way.
Had one of the Cayenne chillies on a homemade pizza last night, it gave it a nice bite. Got a few on the Thai hot chilli plants too.
Well that's about all in the vege garden for now. I'm off to make a nectarine crostata (Italian rustic tart) for dessert.

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