Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beware - Best Foods mayonnaise contains GMOs!

I was interested to find out whether my favourite mayonnaise - 'Best Foods' brand, contained any GMO ingredients, so sent off an email via their website. I got the following reply:

Hello Bridget,
Thanks for writing!
It is our policy that any of our products which may contain ingredients created through the use of biotechnology, be proven that their safety to consumers and the environment is fully established.
Biotechnology has the potential to help meet the demands of people for everyday products that are more environmentally friendly; that involve less processing; that are more functional; that taste better; that last longer; that provide added nutritional benefits; that are customized to an individual's lifestyle; and that are currently available. Biotechnology is important to Unilever (Lipton etc,) because it helps our mission as one of the world's largest consumer goods companies to continue to deliver innovative products that our consumers tell us they want. Products resulting from biotechnology have been used successfully and safely for many years - for example: in the pharmaceutical industry.
We are also committed to the provision of the best possible information to the consumer. The FDA has had a sound labeling system in place for biotech foods since 1992. Under that system, biotech foods must be labeled if they are found to be significantly different from their conventional counterparts, or if they contain allergens. This is the same basic program that safeguards the conventional food supply in the United States.
Since there is no difference between plants or foods derived from biotechnology and those not derived, there is no clear reason to label either respectively. All of our products are labeled in accordance with the rules and regulations of the federal government.
It is our responsibility at Unilever - and a responsibility we take very seriously - to make certain all of our ingredients are safe. We
believe biotechnology is already significant and that its development will continue to bring major benefits to society as a whole.
Thank you for your interest.
Your friends at Unilever Bestfoods

What a load of old horse manure! So basically I can take it that the answer was YES! and not only yes, Unliever obviously doesn't believe we the consumer need to be told whether a product contains ingredients that have been genetically modified! AMAZING! But then again, if they indicated as such on their packaging, then maybe consumers wouldn't buy it and that's probably what they are worried about.

Of course, the Best Foods mayonnaise is probably only one product out of many products on our supermarket shelves which already contain GMOs. I think one has to take the assumption that most or all soy would be GE'd and probably most canola oil. Unfortunately these 2 ingredients are put into many pantry items these days darn it. It makes me really angry all this fiddling with our food.


Heather Langtry said...

Totally agree with your assessment, Bridget. What a shame the stuff is so tasty.

Alternatives I have tried in the past include whizzed cottage cheese and greek yogurt. Neither is quite as creamy and easy to use as the bottle of GMOs, but you are convincing me to shift back.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Heather
Yes isn't it a shame as it is tasty. I might go back to making my own, just as soon as the hens start laying a few more eggs, only getting 1 a day now!
Might try the cottage cheese & yoghurt mix you suggest.