Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beef, beef and yet more beef...

At last we have had one of our cows 'done' and now have a 300L freezer completely full of wonderful organic beef. The cow was the smallest of our tiny herd (5), but even so it clocked in at a whopping 230kgs! (dead weight with bone).
The local home kill butcher did a great job of turning it into lots of lovely cuts of meat for us: steaks, roasts, casserole meat, schnitzel, mince (lovely quality - nice and dark) and sausages (no MSG).


Mad Bush Farm said...

Hi Bridget

Oh wonderful! That will keep you guys going for a while. We will be having veal at Christmas River's bull calf will be going into our freezer. Great being able to eat your own beef instead of having to go to the butchers! Hope you are well and resting up.

Hugs and Love

PS Sorry it's taken me so long to get over!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz
Yes, organic meat and so cheap, fabulous. Haven't eaten veal for ages, a creamy marsala sauce Italian style sounds good to me. Mmmm, that's making me hungry!
All well here not long until the new baby arrives.
Hope you're well too.

Amy said...

fresh home grown meat always tastes alot better than store bought for sure.