Thursday, April 1, 2010

The first of our cooking apples

Here is the first harvest of our cooking apples. The variety is Reinette du Canada, which is a heritage apple originating in France prior to 1800. I read that it is supposed to be a good dual purpose apple with medium sized fruit, esteemed in France for making apple tarts. Also keeps very well apparently (although these 4 won't!). 3 of our 4 fruit are quite big though, (see photo) so we'd probably only use the big ones for cooking.


Matron said...

those apples just look so lovely and fresh! Ours have been stored in the garage all Winter and are getting a bit tired now! Roll on Summer!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Yes they were and exceptionally tasty too. We had them cooked up and I used most of it in the cranberry and apple cake recipe (we have had this several times over the last week as we had visitors staying and everyone loved it!).
Also enjoying the first of our Freyberg and Cox's Orange Pippin.
Not enough apples to store as this is the first lot we've had since planting the trees.