Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fresh peas

Our very first pea harvest!

A nice bowl of freshly podded peas
These are the 'Wando Select' peas I sowed back in September. I'm kind of wishing I'd put in more, but at least we will get to enjoy a few more meals with fresh peas yet. They are nice and big too. They are the first peas I have grown, and will definitely feature in next year's Spring garden. I'm not sure if I left them just a wee bit too long for harvesting as some of the pods had started to go a slight bit wrinkly, but the peas inside looked and tasted just fine!


Laura @ Darroch Cottage said...

oh yum! I can't wait till mine are ready. They never make it into the house, though.

pilgrimscottage said...

They look good to me. Hope to be growing some soon, too.

Maa said...

There's never enough peas is there? You just have to have some control when picking them! lol! Maa.