Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some veg and flower pics

'Wando' pea
Bean 'Shining Fardenosa', capsicums in background

Swan plant to attract the Monarch butterflies
Thyme in full flower
Potato patch looking good
Flowering coriander
Nectarine 'Early Red'
Peach 'Black Boy'
Beautiful bearded iris - not sure of variety - was a gift from mother-in-law.
And this one is for Harvey who left a comment asking how my Tsasoniki eggplants were doing.. Well they are taking their time to get growing, maybe too dry despite my efforts to water them! -
Eggplant 'Tsasoniki'


Maa said...

I grew a lot of Nasturtiums around a pool. I couldn't believe how many different colours there are.
Your garden looks nice and productive Bridget. Maa.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Maa
Yes first time I've grown nasturtiums they have got away quickly, I hope they will cover the dry soil!
Thanks I hope from our efforts we get a good summer harvest, mainly looking forward to the tomatoes!
Best wishes

Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

Lovely pictures - we've got snow and frost!!