Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten good things right now

OK, I'm picking up on this theme from Laura over at Our Wee Farm. It's pouring with rain today and D is sick so we're home and inside for the day, but I'm thinking of these 10 good things:-

Dilmah tea:
Yes we even have Dilmah cups!

Sorry but cheap quality teas do not cut it in this house! (Go ahead and call me a tea snob!)

And to go with that cup of tea, a nice piece of homemade banana cake:

Finding a bunch of lemons in hubby's lunch bag (he must have picked them from a tree):

Fresh lemons
D is watching Shaun the Sheep on DVD, he's so cool:
Shaun the Sheep
Maybe I'll get a quiet moment to practice my guitar today:

I love my dryer when it's raining, I'd accidentally left some towels on the washing line, so had to spin them and dry indoors. Actually I love my washing machine too! They're both made by Fisher & Paykel (NZ brand).

D and I had a nice soak in the bath!

Maybe I'll do a spot of knitting today too. I'm making D a scarf out of some used wool. I had almost finished knitting it into a baby suit for him when he was little, but unfortunately I didn't finish it in time!

Yay, the rain is topping up our watertank (we don't have town supply here).

Hot soup for lunch! Today I'm having curried kumara:

These are 10 good things today, what are yours?


Maa said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy every minute of it. Maa

Laura @ Our Wee Farm said...

whohoo! Another10 good things!
Lovely things, too. Oh and we're total tea snobs in this house as well :)

Shaheen said...

Hi Bridget,
So loving your 10 good things today - the curries kumara, the fresh lemons, the banana cake. If I remember I think I will do a post on something similar in the next couple of weeks, as my mood has been down and I need cheering up and reminding that life ain't all bad.

Shall I call you a tea snob, well your in the company of my husband then as he likes his Darjeeling.

I also wanted to come by and say Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comment on my blog recently. Really means a lot. Thank you. Kindest of wishes.

veggiegobbler said...

Mmm banana cake. Maybe I'll make some for the kids tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

Matron said...

What is Dilmah tea? never heard of it?

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Everyone thanks for your comments.
Sorry Matron, Dilmah is a brand of tea available here in NZ - premium single origin tea 100% pure ceylon.

ms lottie said...

Hi Bridget, I'm able to leave more comments now (finally, although I don't know what was going wrong in the first place!) so I can answer you question about rabbit. Our tame rabbit meat is whiter and much tenderer than wild, unless you manage to nab a really young one. I often egg and breadcrumb the joints and then quickly bake it in the oven as you would chicken and the kids love it. I run them on grass and feed them some pellets with weeds, vege scraps and soaked wheat/corn as extras. Cheaper to raise than my roosters and probably meat equivelent.
(and I love Dilmah too, but with milk!)

Dr Mum said...

1. Cornish Clotted Cream
2. Turquoise sea at Church Cove on Midsummer
3. Javier Bardem in the film Biutiful
4. Crab sandwiches on Southerly Point
5. Rosudgeon mammoth car-boot sale
6. Newsy Emails from The Family Downunder
7. Time out with The Cornish Greys
8. Seeing a rare Chough on the cliffs at Bass Point
9. £2 to London train ticket on online Trainline
10.Cabbage Tree farm Blog

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ms Lottie
Thanks for that info, sounds like we'll have to add rabbits to our list of farm animals!
Sorry that was a dumb photo, I do have milk in my tea..just wanted to show it 'au natural'

Hi Dr Mum
Lovely to hear from you and those are some pretty good things over there in the West Country! Enjoy a nice cider for us!
£2 train ticket?? Unreal!

carole brungar said...

Lovely blog, I enjoyed popping in for a visit!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Carole
Welcome and thanks!