Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making doughnuts!

We had fun making these doughnuts today:

D enjoyed decorating them with the icing glaze and sprinkles. The other ones are dipped in cinnamon sugar. I got the recipe from this excellent video on You Tube.

I deep fried the doughnuts, although as Nicko mentions on the video,  you could bake them in the oven if you are concerned about fat.

They were a nice sweet treat!

I'd like to try making ones filled with jam or apple too. Anyone else tried making doughnuts?


BLD in MT said...

I love making doughnuts, though we don't do it real often. It is a very special treat when we do though! One year for my birthday Matt made "maple stick" doughnuts instead of cake. They are my absolute favorite. I've never made one with sprinkles! I might have to try that as they look super yummy and fun.

ms lottie said...

Oh yum! I love doughnuts - never thought about making them myself. I like the look of that shoo fly plant too BTW.

Maa said...

I can't take the risk of making them at home....I'd be tempted to eat too many! They look yummo! Maa