Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Winter walk at the beach

I went for a walk at a beautiful beach (Mangawhai Heads) today. The tide was out so I could walk a fair distance around the cove. Winter walks on the beach are great, there are hardly any other people about too (apart from a few dog-walkers) so it is nice and peaceful. Here are a few snaps:

Dog prints on black sand
The highlight though was seeing 3 Orca!

What a shame my little camera just couldn't capture their fleeting appearances! I watched them (I could see them surface with their distinctive fins) for quite a while until they headed further offshore. It was the first time I've seen Orca in the wild and I was pretty thrilled.

Should do this more often methinks...!


BLD in MT said...

Wow! That would be thrilling!

ms lottie said...

Such a beautiful beach and lucky you seeing Orca.

And as for your question, we stayed at Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park on Old Taupo Road and yes, the luge was great fun!

Matron said...

How wonderful! always a thrill to see whales!