Saturday, September 10, 2011


Time for a little update as it has been a few days since my last post. May not be of any interest to the vegetarians among you!
As of yesterday, we no longer have our pigs. They have been home killed and are now with the butcher who will process them into the cuts we have asked for, mainly lots of bacon! but also hams, pork chops, roasts and belly strips. We ran out of our last lot of home grown bacon a couple of months ago and have since then been buying it from the local butcher in town, but this does not compare to the bacon from our own pigs! No photos this time. I happened to be out at the time of the home killing but can tell you the pigs had a very happy life with lots of space, good food and plenty of pats/scratches behind the ears from us here on CTF. Can't ask for better than that.
Last night we enjoyed a roast chicken dinner, the chicken courtesy of our own flock. This particular bird (one of our Light Sussex hens) had been flying out of the coop for a while now, and despite clipping her wings, was determined to continue. Since she had a habit of scratching around the newly planted citrus trees, I'm afraid drastic measures were needed to keep her from getting out. What a tasty table bird she made! Quite fatty, but the meat was very tasty indeed and tender too.
In the veg garden I have harvested the last of the purple cauliflowers. Only one of them formed a reasonable sized head -
I made it into a nice creamy soup, using this recipe. Pretty to look at, but not much actual density, which is what we prefer.
I am still harvesting the broccoli which is sprouting off the sides of the plants, although will be pulling these up soon to make more space for summer vegs.
The coriander is starting to go to seed, I will probably end up digging this up also, and the chickens can eat it, as I also need the space where it is growing. I have loads of coriander seed, so not a problem to get more going, although it does grow a lot better here in the cooler months.
Have not progressed much further with gardening apart from digging out a few seeds in readiness.
Next week we are heading away for a much-needed holiday so there will be no posts for a while. We are going south to visit friends, and to see some snow and mountains (Mt Ruapehu), and maybe take a dip in some thermal pools at Rotorua.
Bye for now!


Mrs. Mac said...

I can taste the little piggies all the way to my home :) I'm sure they had a great life and you will enjoy all the hams, bacon, roasts, etc. We just bought a 4-H pig from our county fair and it's being turned into lovely smoked hams and bacon .. and roasts, bellies, sausage and chops. Our butcher does a GREAT job hardwood smoking pork. Have a wonderful holiday.

ms lottie said...

Have a great holiday!
We just ate our bottle lamb on a spit roast. He had a fantastic life in a paddock and was still chewing grass when the bullet hit him. A whole heap better than being sent to the works...

Dr Mum said...

the thermal pools are awesome. you'll feel like a new woman. hope you all have a great time.

Maa said...

I've just come back and you're about to go. Have a lovely break away and I'll see you when you get back. I can small the roast piggy as I read your blog. Maa