Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pohutukawa flower

Sorry it took me a few days to get this photo, has been so windy and all the shots I took were blurred, then it rained and rained..!
Anyway, here is a close up of the flower as requested:
Busy time of the year for most folk. I am busy preparing last minute food gifts and will be wrapping presents to go under the tree - like to leave it to the last possible minute! It's a shame I am working this year but D and G will be enjoying Christmas dinner with his family while I sleep!
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. We will probably celebrate the Summer Solstice on the 22nd too!
Season's Greetings everyone!


Paola said...

I have a couple of these trees around my place on the south coast of NSW. I just call them the New Zealand Christmas bush, thanks for the proper name. Mine are just coming into flower. So pretty.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas too.

Dr Mum said...

What a divine flower and super tree for your summer solstice. Enjoy!
Loved the little chicks . . so cute. and sorry to hear you will be sleeping through Chrimbo dinner.
I am hibernating in bed with chocolate on Christmas morning as well.

Shaheen said...

Its an ornament of its own :)

Its such a shame that you will be found sleeping through Christmas dinner, the external pressures of life do hinder our home life - happy holidays nonetheless x