Monday, December 5, 2011

Rosemary and mezzaluna

One of my favourite new(ish) kitchen gadgets is this mezzaluna. The word mezzaluna means 'half moon' in Italian. It's great to use, and nice and stable with the twin blades (you can buy them with just the single blade).The concave board is made of coconut wood.

The mezzaluna makes short work of chopping herbs like this rosemary in the photo. I made foccacia (bread) today and topped it with olive oil (from olives grown by our neighbours W & P - lucky us!), rosemary from the garden and some sea salt (I use a brand that mixes NZ and Celtic sea salts with sea kelp).

I have quite a few rosemary bushes this year 3 in the ground and 2 in largish pots. The 2 in pots though are much smaller and obviously stunted. I'm not sure if I should keep them in the pots or plant them in the ground and free up the pots for the 2 gardenias we bought recently. Has anyone grown gardenias in pots and if so how big do the pots need to be?


Shaheen said...

I have exactly the same mezzaluna and have been using it happily for year.

Re the rosemary, I did try and grow it in pots once (and sage) - it wasn't happy, so now its in the border. I am hoping to take it with me when I move as its so big, but my husband says 'no' we can buy another - yeah, but not one that size! Its a great winter herb, don't you think?

angela said...

hello Ive come over from maas, only you better tell her that the linkd didnt work. I had to find you. I am now a follower so I will be back.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Shaheen
Yes I think I should plant the rosemary in the ground, I have no shortage of it already but would be a shame if these 2 died. Besides I will be glad to use the nice pots for the gardenias (for one season anyway)!
I use quite a bit of rosemary, it's one of my favourite herbs.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Angela, and thanks for looking at my blog :-)