Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Passionfruit curd

One of our passionfruit vines is just starting to produce loads of lovely fruit. Apart from eating the pulp straight from the shell, I thought I would whip up a batch of passionfruit curd (or honey if you prefer).

Maybe I should have made it yesterday, continuing the love theme!

The recipe, I used this one, only called for 10 passionfruit, which was a relief for G as he loves eating them and thought he would be deprived since we are only just starting to harvest them!

Mind you it only made 2 very small jars!

Do you eat passionfruit and if so, what do you do with them when you have a lot to harvest?


Mrs. Mac said...

I bet the seeds have lots of nutrition in them too :) I have never had a passion fruit. Guava is probably the most exotic fruit I've had .. but living in the cold north doesn't afford many opportunities to have such a delicacy .. the curd/honey looks yummy!

Paola said...

I've been picking passionfruit here too. Most of it gets frozen in ice cube trays, and the taken out during the year to make passionfruit sponge, pavlova, and just to have on Greek yogurt.

Susan said...

I planted a passionfruit last year and the plant looks very healthy. It's started to ramble over the arch in my garden. I just love passionfruit 'anything'!
Ice cream, yogurt etc. Maa

Ruth said...

Yum! I love passionfruit syrup with yoghurt, but I have to buy it from the supermarket as it's too cold down here to grow them. If I did I'd just eat them straight from the vine!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Mrs Mac, what a shame you've never had the pleasure of meeting passion fruit, I hope you will someday.
Thanks Paola, I have taken your tip and frozen some pulp in ice cube trays.
Susan I hope your plant starts producing soon, yes it's good over yoghurt I tried this the other night.
Ruth, that's a pity you can't grow it there, but I envy the fact that Southlanders can grow peonies!!