Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strawberry jam time

Homemade strawberry jam

Our strawberry plants have recently started producing lots of lovely fruit, maybe with the rains we've had coupled with the hot weather. Anyway, G picked a large bowlful the other day, just on 1kgs worth, so I decided to make some jam with them. In previous years I've not had much success getting the jam to set however, so this time I used 'jam setting' sugar (basically it has citric acid and pectin added).

The jam was quick to make. I used the recipe on the bag of sugar, which advised boiling for only 4 minutes (although I could perhaps have boiled it a minute or so longer to set it just a tiny bit more). The result was good though, a nice brightly coloured jam with a really strong and fresh strawberry flavour. From 1kg of fruit, I made 5 average sized jars (about 300-330g each).

Now I'm looking forward to the day we can harvest enough raspberries to make raspberry jam!


Mrs. Mac said...

Your jam does have a great color and the labels make it a good gift giver. Our raspberries took just a year to get established .. now we have gallons to freeze as they produce twice a year.

Susan said...

My strawberries don't reach the kitchen. I always eat them on the way in!! Maa

Dr Mum said...

Just made some marmalade from Seville oranges. Consumption averaging out at a small pot a day . . it is sooo yum.
Boiled it a bit too long and it went a bit toffee-ish. Today was the first all-day blue sky day of the year here.
Was out making some Vit D in the garden. Now a bit achey.. Eheu.

carole brungar said...

Your jam does look yummy! I seem to have rhubarb coming out my ears at the moment so it's strawberry and rhubarb jam at my place!!

Shaheen said...

I love how your jam jar looks, the strawberry jar is glistening We have to wait a while before blackberries appear here. I am hoping to get some runners and plant some in my new garden.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks, needless to say we're getting through the jam pretty quickly!