Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monarch butterfly

This wee butterfly (actually not so wee, as the Monarch butterfly is quite large!) hatched out of a chrysalis that I rescued from the garden. It had been attached to a plant I was pruning and it dropped on the ground. I took it inside and stuck it to a wooden stick using superglue, and then hung this across a large glass jar. I then put the jar on the window sill where it sat for a few days. I wasn't sure if anything would happen, since the poor thing had dropped down, and then in the process of glueing it I dropped it again!

Anyway, all was well because when I got home this morning, it had already hatched out and was trying to climb out of the jar! I promptly took it outside and put it in a sunny sheltered spot (my sage plant) where it could dry its wings and get ready to fly. We have lots of butterflies around, and I always let several Swan plants grow (they come up like weeds) all over the garden. It would be really nice to have a special patch of Swan plants as a breeding area for the butterflies, maybe one day when we have our house built, then I can look out of my kitchen window and watch the butterflies!

Garden news, well there isn't much of it really.. I've sown some carrot seed and parsnip. The cabbages, broccoli and caulis are coming along OK. I'm still harvesting reasonable sized carrots, which we're enjoying in coleslaw, the jewel colours of the yellow, white, orange and purple carrots look lovely and the taste is great.
Have done a bit of weeding (my least favourite gardening job!), much more to do, plus I want to put some stone or sawdust down on the paths before winter sets in, otherwise it gets too muddy.

Hope all's growing well on your properties.


BLD in MT said...

Well, how cool is that! Awesome.

Dr Mum said...

I went to a wedding in Brisbane where these butterflies were set free from a basket as the couple kissed. Was very cool. They are good for this because they all become butterflies at the same time apparently. Could be a nice little earner for you!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi BLD in MT, yes it was cool. Will have to do it again and hopefully catch the hatching in the act!

Hi Dr Mum, it would be lovely to see a whole lot of them together, what a nice idea for a wedding! Hope all's well x