Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mystery plant

Can anyone identify this plant? It was given to me but the name is unknown. Looks like a subtropical plant to me.

It apparently has edible roots/tubers.

The leaves are big and slightly 'woolly' and are on the end of 'sticks' which are about 1m high.

Any ideas?


JOC said...

Has it had any flowers yet and if so were they yellow like big daisys? If so it could be a Jerusalem artichoke which is a tuber. They do spread like crazy and I think you have to wait until it's flowered and started to die back before you dig them up. But I could be totally wrong....
Good luck.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Jan
Have not had it long enough to see any flowers, but looking a photos of Jerusalem artichoke leaves I don't think it's that. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'm picking it's some sort of subtropical plant, maybe from one of the Pacific Islands..?