Thursday, June 14, 2012

A frosty start to the day

Brrrr! It was cold overnight, and as expected from the clear skies last night we woke to this a heavy frost this morning:

But the day is now beautiful - still and sunny, just a little light cloud about, and I should definitely be outside gardening instead of glued to the computer blogging and eating chocolate cake with my cup of coffee!

I've recently discovered a great chocolate cake recipe that uses pureed beetroot. This is good, since I have beetroot from the garden to use up. You do need to cook the beetroot first which takes a little time. I did several in one batch and kept them covered in the fridge, they seem to last OK for a few days.

The cake recipe is one I found online here. There were a few cake recipes to chose from but some of the others had ingredients I was missing in the pantry so I made the 'Beetroot Cake' one. It's good with a little whipped cream for a dessert.

I previously tried making some beetroot and chocolate chip muffins but because the recipe used raw grated beetroot, the flavour was too 'earthy' for us, and especially the wee fellow who would not eat them at all. So that was no good, I shan't be making them again. This cake on the other hand is wonderfully moist and chocolatey (although it uses just cocoa and no 'real' chocolate) and the beetroot gives it a nice dark colour.

Do try it!

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ms lottie said...

Looks yum. I don't like beetroot because of the 'earthy' taste, so good to hear that you don't get that taste in this recipe.