Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A bit of a tidy up

 A while back I took some photos around the property (see this post). Along the driveway fence by the entrance, I had a whole lot of jade plants and other succulents in pots, which we lined up there as we had so many of them and were not sure where to place them. But I wasn't really happy with them there, both because of the look of all those pots and also because that spot is shaded during most of the day and I'm pretty sure succulents like full sun.


Anyway after a bit of thinking and planning, I decided to move all the pots away and put some largish rocks and gravel down. Looks a little sparse maybe I might add some more rocks, we do have some more and while they are heavy, I can get them on a hand truck/trolley and put them in place with a little effort!

A little further down the drive I planted some native iris plants, 'Libertia peregrinans'. They have striking orange striped foliage and little white flowers. We had them in our Auckland garden and they looked great en mass. I will also be planting some Ajuga ground cover by those rocks, which has purple/green leaves and likes the shade. The green plant half-way down is a native geranium, a really good ground cover and has tiny little pink/white flowers. It self-seeds everywhere and is growing really well in lots of spots where we have gravel down.

Next I have to carry on further down the drive and move that wood pile away. But at least it looks a  little tidier, and the gravel will be a big improvement on the weed patch that tended to grow there before!

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