Friday, July 20, 2012

Just a few good things for today - Friday

Pumpkin - actually this is for our pigs!

Pumpkin pie! Definitely NOT for the pigs!

Lovely fresh lemons - thanks L!

Beautiful orchids

A good read
Hope your Friday is shaping up well. It's a bit overcast and windy here on CTF. Have been outside to plant the last 2 packets of the Spring daffodil bulbs - way late I know but I have had them in the fridge so they should hopefully come up OK!


Liz Clark said...

It sounds like you've been having a good day. The bulbs should be okay. I've planted late before and they've come up okay. You've kept them in the fridge so that should be fine. Love the pumpkin pie yum!

Dr Mum said...

Is that orchid in a pot outside? It looks way exotic.