Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update for late August

Sorry guys for the absence and lack of posts.......! Don't know where the time goes.

Have been busy in the garden now that the weather has improved and we are not sloshing around in a whole lot of wet mud!

Trying to make the most of the soft ground by planting lots of plants/trees. G has been busy with the trees, putting in a lot more native shelter/hedging trees, although it will take a while for them to look established getting them in the ground as we know is paramount! I've been putting in some flowering plants/shrubs that have been sitting around in pots for too long.

Spring is just around the corner and the plants and flowers are starting to look good. I have several rosemary bushes and the bees (mainly bumble bees) are loving the flowers!

Bubble bees are going crazy on the rosemary

The clay bank by the side of our garage is now looking a lot more presentable, with the geraniums/pelargoniums, irises and an unidentified plant with daisy type flowers huge and pink - does anyone know what it is? I think it may be South African ?daisy or similar. Growing really well on the ugly clay bank.
Clay bank now covered in flowering plants

This plant is doing really well, huge pink flowers

I'm also busy preparing the ground for Spring planting, doing much-needed weeding (ugh!) and getting some seeds going in readiness. Namely tomatoes and chillies on the 'must-have' list. Will attempt to grow lots of pumpkins for pig food this year.

Oaty slice/flapjack/muesli bars

In the kitchen my latest favourite is a flapjack type muesli bar. I got the recipe off River Cottage Everyday (their episode on Breakfast if you are interested). It's basically melted butter, peanut butter, brown sugar, then added oats, seeds and dried fruit, baked in the oven. This morning I bought some Chia seeds to try out in another batch, and this time will use almond butter instead of peanut, and coconut oil instead of butter. Will be interesting to taste the difference from the first recipe. Handy to have a healthy snack at the ready instead of reaching for the biscuit/cake tin!

Have a great day!

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