Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 little pigs

OK well they're not quite so little now!! In a couple of weeks they will be approximately 6 months old. The two on the right are the Tamworths and the one on the left is the Duroc. It was hard to tell them apart for a while, until I discovered the Duroc has a pale smudge on her snout.

Compared to the photo from when they arrived and were just 8 weeks old they are quite a bit larger.

They have really done a great job of digging over the soil in their run, and yesterday we filled up some of their holes with water so they could have a nice wallow!

They also like to drink the muddy water too.........despite trying to keep their trough water clean they usually stand in it. They don't seem to worry though!

We also topped up their hay and they had a great time rolling and playing in a big pile, wagging their tails all the while.

I think they are 3 very happy pigs don't you?!


ms lottie said...

Cute! And tasty....

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Yep, we always keep in mind that they will end up on our plate. That said, I can see how a pig would make for a great pet!