Friday, November 2, 2012

First blooms of my old fashioned rose

Flower bud just opening

Fully opened a day later
I just thought I'd share these photos. This is a bloom off my rose 'De La Grifferaie" - checking out its history it's an old fashioned rambler rose from 1845. This rose is currently growing along a wall in the veg garden - well I guess it is a potager really since I also grow flowers and herbs in amongst all the veg. Anyway, I planted this rose about a year ago and it now has quite a few blooms on it, with more to come. It has quite a good perfume, and is a lovely shade of pink.

I'd love to have a rose garden sometime in the future. There sure are plenty to chose from! What's your favourite rose?


BLD in MT said...

How lovely. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing. I've heard that the older breeds have much more delightful scents than the new breeds which have more fanciful, flashy colors.

Ruth said...

The first rose of the season is always exciting! I'm still trying to find my favourite rose. Probably so far it's Cecile Brunner, which has tiny perfect little pink blooms and a lovely fragrance.

Liz Clark said...

Oh what a divine rose! I adore roses as well. I found a beautiful Bantry Bay growing in amongst the blackberry patch. I'm going to clear the weeds away from it today and give it some TLC. Favourite for me is Dublin Bay.

Diann said...

That rose is so beautiful! I have one similar. It isn't a climber or an old fashioned one, but the flower is similar and the perfume just lovely. I would also love a rose garden but don't have a lot of success with our soil. Mum has beautiful roses though so keeps me supplied!