Friday, April 5, 2013

Update on those almonds

OK so we harvested the first of our almonds a couple of weeks back. Been waiting patiently for them to dry, occasionally picking up random nuts and shaking them to see if they rattle. They seemed to be taking their time to do this, and being impatient to try them we cracked one open and.....they are ready! Not sure why they didn't get to 'rattle stage', maybe because the tree is so young? (anyone have any idea?). In any case, I have to report that the almonds are EXTREMELY TASTY! There is really no comparison between the shop-bought variety and those fresh of the tree. But then isn't that the case for all home grown produce? While our almonds were a little on the small side (perhaps I should have put a shop-bought one in the photo to compare sizes), they were definitely full of flavour. Roll on future harvests!


Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

I'm jealous of your nuts! We had hail in spring which knocked off all the blossoms, so no almonds for me this year! I've got plenty of other autumn harvest to deal with though... tomatoes, chillis, carrots, zucchinis... but I wish I had some nuts!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ruth, if it's any consolation I had hardly any veges this year due to being away in Jan and then the drought here in Northland! The nuts were extremely flavoursome however (all gone now, such a small amount!).