Thursday, September 19, 2013

A little basket of greens

Just sharing a photo of some vegetables I harvested yesterday. Our very first spear of asparagus! I planted 5 asparagus plants last year but unfortunately only 1 seems to have survived the drought of last summer, must put more in when I can get them.

The bright green broccoli is the Italian Romanesco variety (also called Roman cauliflower), with its cool fractal growth pattern - worth growing for looks alone! It kept it colour after cooking which is great, unlike most of the purple coloured veg which also look great when raw and then turn green when cooked.

The snow peas are Mange Tout (Carouby pea) which came up from self sown seeds of last years' miserable crop (we had a very long and harsh drought in Summer). These snow peas are doing really well now and putting out quite a lot of pods for the picking.

What greens do you have in your garden right now?


Amy said...

very nice!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Amy, yes they tasted nice too!