Wednesday, June 18, 2014


With all the recent rains we've been getting, the plants (including the weeds...!) have all shot up recently. My pea plants in particular have put out a lot of new growth and are getting quite tall now. The little pod in the picture though is from the variety 'Massey', which is an early season pea. This is a dwarf pea and is starting to produce. I harvested a few pods last night and we had some at dinner, they tasted great. Also great to have a little helper who just loves to pod the peas!

The other pea varieties I have in are 'Onward', 'Greenfeast' and 'Wando Select'. I also have the Mange Tout pea ('snow' pea) 'Carouby'. These are all a wee way off eating yet though.

Do you grow peas? Which varieties do you prefer?


Charlotte Scott said...

I never had much luck with peas. Don't know why. I think I tried to grow Massey. Even though I haven't gardened much lately, I'm already missing it, or at least the possibility of gardening if I felt like it! Maybe I could have a few pots on the boat.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Charlotte
I think you would be able to grow quite a few things in pots when you're on the boat. We grew tomatoes successfully when living in a small flat in England which had no garden.

Ock Du Spock said...

I love peas :) Any variety... but my favourites are sugar snaps!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ock Du Spock

Fresh peas are really delicious aren't they. Can't wait for the others to mature as we've nearly eaten all of the early ones. I thought I'd planted plenty but could have done with loads more!

BLD in MT said...

Matt asked our niece if she liked peas. She said no. He told her she should try one right out of the pod. She spent much of the remainder of the day pulling pods and popping peas in her little mouth. It made my day. She isn't always keen on her veg. We generally grow Green Arrow peas.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Our son is the same age as your niece. He loves to pod the peas, but isn't keen on them raw!
I've not heard of Green Arrow variety but I guess there are many out there!
So great that she is loving to help in the garden!