Friday, January 23, 2015

Succulents and other plants in pots

Recently I've been re-potting some of my succulents (and aloes). I'm also slowly getting around to finding out their different names (I was given them some time ago).

Look at the amazing orange flower on this aloe. I don't know the name of it however, any idea?

Planted around it I have Gasterias. I'm not convinced I will keep them in this old copper planter. They are an unusual shape, and I think might look better in a different planter.

The pot on the right contains what I think are some Haworthias. They have amazingly long flower stalks!

Not sure about the wee succulent one in the small pot. Some kind of Echeveria? It's quite a 'fleshy' type of rosette succulent.

In the photo above, the pot at the back has more Haworthias. Not sure about the curly one in front. Can you help identify it?

The pot on the left has an Echeveria glauca. The terracotta pot in front has more Haworthias, Gasterias, Echeverias (on the left) - not sure what variety - and a small jade plant cutting.

The blue pot on the right doesn't have succulents in it, those are Japanese lillies coming up (self-seeded) around a Dracaena marginata. Once the lillies have flowered I'll be taking them out of the pot to free up space for the Dracaena!

I really have no idea what this one is though. Has a fantastic flower spike! Does anyone know?

Unknown succulent with amazing flower spike!


BLD in MT said...

Wow. Those are amazing for sure. I am afraid I'm not help on the identifying, but I can help with the admiring of them! :)

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks Beth!

I'm looking forward to some cooler weather and rain to get more planting done. Have a heap of plants in pots that need to go into the ground.
We are lucky that we have the climate to grow succulents and cacti without much difficulty.

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

That is one very impressive flower spike :) I used to not like succulents at all (not pretty and flowery enough) but I've seen enough on Pinterest to be well and truly converted! I still woudn't plant a garden full but given the right container, they are amazing. I'm quite drawn to the Haworthias in your photos, although they look a bit sharp!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ruth
Yes I was in your camp until quite recently re. succulents but given the right combination in a pot..

The Haworthias are a bit pointed but unlike a cactus they aren't spikey!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...
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