Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tasty tomatoes

One of the highlights of Summer for me is beautifully ripe spray-free tasty tomatoes fresh from the garden. This year I have a handful of varieties growing.

Cocktail tomatoes
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Black from Tula (beefsteak with green tops)
Indigo Rose - almost totally black fruit, take ages to ripen though.

I also sowed seed for Bloody Butcher but am now not sure which plants they are as the markers got lost somehow - note to self: put big clear markers in next time!
Inside the Aunt Ruby's German Green

Clockwise from top left Brandywine Pink, Black from Tula, Indigo Rose

All of these varieties are doing really well growing in the old pig pen area which is fenced off so nice and sheltered, plus the soil is well fertilised.

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