Friday, July 20, 2012

Just a few good things for today - Friday

Pumpkin - actually this is for our pigs!

Pumpkin pie! Definitely NOT for the pigs!

Lovely fresh lemons - thanks L!

Beautiful orchids

A good read
Hope your Friday is shaping up well. It's a bit overcast and windy here on CTF. Have been outside to plant the last 2 packets of the Spring daffodil bulbs - way late I know but I have had them in the fridge so they should hopefully come up OK!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update for mid July

Life has been fairly busy recently. We're on the last day of school holidays and after a nice break from class D is ready to go back! The first week we spent a few days down in Auckland, visiting the zoo and a crystal museum, and caught up with reli's.
D with huge quartz crystal

A very tame parrot (Kea)

This week just gone wasn't quite so fun however, as I was unwell and got to spend a couple of nights in hospital! Nothing major though, and I'm on the mend. Just not so exciting for the wee fellow, although by default he did get to visit a few playgrounds en route to visiting the Docs and the hospital!

Consequently, this has put a bit of a halt to doing much outside, which is a real shame as I have loads of things to plant! Will have to get into it as and when.

At least the garlic is in and coming up, and I dug up the last of the carrots. The swedes are getting a good size now, and I'm still getting lots of herbs from the garden. The broccoli is also doing well:

The daffodils I planted out a while back are starting to come up. This lot are in a lovely wooden barrow handmade by G's late Uncle:

Hope all's good with everyone, look forward to catching up on your blogs in the coming week.