Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Puriri trees

Our small bit of bush is largely comprised of totara, manuka, kanuka and putaputaweta trees. We have a sole kahikatea, and unfortunately no kauri. A few years ago we had it fenced off so that the sheep were kept out and it is slowly starting to regenerate. The other day we put in a few puriri trees, even though we have some seedlings starting to come up they are pretty small. The ones we planted are about 1m high. They look pretty when they are in flower (red/pink) and provide food for the native woodpidgeons (kereru).


Ngaio said...

Hi from the Waikato - I am enjoying your blog. I don`t have any land but have a passion for our native trees and plants and have a small collection planted, mainly for my bees ! Do you have hives on your property ? I have 2 blogs, pop in if you get a chance. By the way, you live in one of my favourite areas of NZ !

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ngaio
Glad you are enjoying my blog. We love native trees too. Before we had our land here we planted our 1/4 acre town section all in natives (no lawn!)
No we don't have any bee hives, but would love to get some in the future. Have earmarked a perfect spot for them, sheltered, close to trees and some distance from our dwelling.
I might post a few questions on your blog sometime.
cheers Bridget

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Bridget

Great Photo. One Kahikatea? We have piles of them here heaps are in fruit at the moment. I'm going to save a whole lot of seeds and germinate them. If I get a few little plants come up I'll let you know and I'll give you some to plant out if you would like them.

Hmmm Pumpkin muffins sound delicious I'll give them a try too.

Ngaio's beekeeping blog is really interesting. She left a lovely comment on my blog as well. She really must love our area. How neat. I have to look at her other blog as well.

Hope you and your family are well and full of christmas cheer


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz
Yeah bit sad re the kahikatea eh! Thanks for the offer re. the seedlings if you get them going.