Monday, June 8, 2009

Lamb for the freezer

Here is the meat we got from a lamb G butchered last week. He had it hanging for a week as you are supposed to, to improve the flavour. The weather was just right to have it hanging outside (sheltered and shaded down in amongst our trees, under cover of a proper meat 'safe' - net contraption that you hang using a block and tackle).

Anyway, once the beast was sawn and sliced up we ended up with all this meat, 7 roasts, 3 bags of lamb fillet, 2 bags of ribs, 2 bags of chops, 3 bags of stewing meat. Hardly any waste, G saved a bag of bones (with a little meat attached) which he will cook on the BBQ and gnaw at! Our freezer is looking quite healthy now, but I don't think we have room for any beef! A bigger chest freezer required I think.

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