Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter solstice

Yesterday was the shortest day/Winter solstice. The days will now start to get longer, but it doesn't mean winter is over, in fact it's really just beginning and we can expect our coldest months in July and August. Here is a short report in today's NZ Herald (national newspaper).

While over in the northern hemisphere, this report from BBC News shows the celebrations at Stonehenge for their Summer solstice.


Amy said...

I'm so totally in awe of how the winter solstice is celebrated at stone henge, an important part of history.

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I find it so strange reading about frost in July and daffodils coming into flower in a few weeks time. We have just had the hottest day of our summer and a fine thunderstorm to end it all giving the garden a much needed watering.

So how cold do your winters get? We had a very cold one last year with several weeks of temperatures below minus 5 and as low as minus 11 (But no snow much to the boys annoyance). Much nicer though than the wet and milder one the year before.

Rosie x