Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One of our neighbours brought round a big bag of cherimoyas for us. These huge subtropical fruit are delicious. Not usually seen for sale except up here in Northland and then only in a very few green grocers.
I took the opportunity to make some ice cream (recipe no. 2) and also some sherbet from this site. Delicious.


Amy said...

I've never tried these but they look interesting :-)

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Keep an eye out for them, you won't see them in many supermarkets. We bought some from Huanui orchards past Whangarei. Or maybe ask around to see if anyone has a tree?

Matron said...

I love these! I visit the island of Madeira each year in December and bring back a big box of these. They are heavenly when they are properly ripened!