Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Progress in the veg garden Oct 09

We've made a little progress in the veg garden. The weather has been a bit off putting for outside chores. Now have about half the potatoes planted. Varieties are Cliffs Kidney (earlies), Urenika (Maori purple skin/flesh, yam shaped) these can be either earlies, are waxy when young, or maincrop when they turn floury. I prefer them waxy. Kowiniwini, which are another Maori potato purple blotches on white skin, quite a 'knobbly' type of potato. We also have Red Rascal, Rua and Desiree to go in.
Also have planted 2 eggplants 'Long Purple' and 'Black Beauty', chillies 'Rocoto' and 'Asian Fire', some basil and mesclun, and 2 passionfruit. We're going to try red, white and black currants and see how they go for us.
G has finished planting the feijoa hedge by the citrus orchard. Most of the citrus trees are looking a bit sad as they are too exposed to the elements. Also have taken a bit of a hammering from slugs and snails.
We've been eating lots of fresh sprouting broccoli, globe artichokes and strawberries. Also some freshly dug potatoes last night for dinner, very nice.

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